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A vegan Prosecco with sustainability at its heart 

Artigianale, meaning ‘Craft’ in Italian, is a natural vegan Prosecco with sustainability and transparency at its heart. In creating Artigianale, we were looking to develop an ecologically-conscious wine, which uses 100% renewable energy sources in its production process, has environmentally friendly packaging, is free from chemical pesticides, and is suitable for vegans. 

"Flavour of green apple and honeysuckle, with plentiful, delicate bubbles"

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A wine in line with our values

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With Artigianale, we wanted to produce a wine that was in line with our values. Too many Proseccos on the market were high sugar, high additive, contained animal products and used large amounts of energy to produce. Our Prosecco is vegan, low sugar, low sulphite, and is produced with organic farming methods that actively encourage local wildlife and using only renewable energy sources.

We also wanted to be transparent as possible with regard to the ingredients we use and our production process, so we display the origin and grape variety clearly on the front of the bottle, and we will only ever produce our wine using classic fermentation techniques as opposed to the increasingly common method of artificial carbonation.


Sustainable from top to bottom

Our aim was to ensure that every component that went into producing the prosecco was as sustainable as possible. From a 100% recycled paper label and lightweight recycled glass bottle to only using indigenous yeasts and natural organic inks, Artigianale is fully sustainable from top to bottom.




Organic inks

100% recycled board


Low sugar

Sustainably cultivated vines according to practising organic methods

No pesticides

Lightweight eco-bottle

Produced using 80% recycled glass



Category, origin, style and grape variety clearly labelled on front of bottle

Natural Paper

Organic Ink

Natural biodegradable cork


Produced using only 100% renewable energy

Only indigenous yeasts

Traditional slow fermentation

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Gold, Notting Hill

Where to buy



- Sustainable Spirit Co.

- Master of Malt

- Amazon


- Bottles n Battles, Mercato Metropolitano, 42 Newington Causeway, SE1 6DR

- Bottles, 67 Brushfield Street E1 6AA

- Giddy Grocer, 80 Bermondsey St, SE1 3UD

- Liberte Cherie, 291 Portobello Rd, W10 5TD


- Les Caves du Roy, 18e, Paris

- Cave Garibaldi, St Ouen, Paris

- Espirit 50cl, 11e, Paris

- Le 107 bis, 17e, Paris

Where to try

To see the bars and restaurants we are stocked in, please click below.

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